Our Clients

Engaging and learning with our client's organisation enables us to deliver better tailored solutions.

Many of our clients work with us on an exclusive basis, recognising that what works best is a partnership based on both parties being equally committed to a solution.


Company Focus

Before agreeing to partner with any business we take the time to listen and learn about their organisation and practices. Assuming that organisations are by nature aiming for growth, we make it our business to frequently review the company's objectives and focus making sure that our service is in synergy with the company's present ethos and long term vision.


Our service is based on frank and open discussion, offering a transparent process that allows the client to monitor the project right from first placing the job order with us through to the successful probation period being completed by the candidate.

Should we feel there are other sourcing methodologies that would provide a better result for our clients we will openly discuss this before accepting an assignment. Lomas Group offers a wide breadth of expertise but we acknowledge that on occasion specialists are required in very specific areas of recruitment.

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