Our Service

"The Lomas Group provides the benchmark in personalised professional recruitment, allowing you to take care of your business while we take care of your people"

We are about understanding your business and its direction

Lomas Group recruits nationally.

Based in Sydney, our services reach across Australia supporting companies in attracting, assessing and recruiting the right staff, effectively assisting them in their long term business success.

We achieve this by addressing a number of issues using a proven recruitment process and methodology. These issues include but are not limited to, employment longevity, cultural fit and understanding what a business is aiming to achieve rather than focusing purely on the immediate recruitment need as a stand alone function.

A new recruit should be the best possible person for the role, not just the person who is available.

Lomas Services


Our Plan Includes:

  • Obtaining client brief, covering points such as:
  • Scope of role
  • Key performance indicators
  • Skills and experience/ background
  • Responsibilities
  • Lines of report
  • Core competencies
  • Compensation Package
  • Define terms of business
  • Search undertaken including the use of advertising mediums agreed to by client
  • Creating candidate long list based on phone screening for initial interviews
  • Creating candidate short list based on a thorough interviewing process
  • Once the successful candidate is identified by the client, reference checks conducted
  • Notification of unsuccessful applicants
  • Facilitation of client’s formal offer to candidate
  • Once the successful applicant is engaged, continual follow up on an ongoing basis