Succession Planning with Talent Mapping


Talent mapping is a strategic planning technique helping businesses assess, evaluate, and review their current staff versus short and long term plans and identify.

Talent mapping evaluates the skills and abilities of existing employees, assessing their performance and potential, and matching them with workforce planning strategies to balance an organisation’s talent and future talent needs.


With our extensive market knowledge and broad industry networks, we can assist with future-proofing your business through our consultative Talent Mapping and Succession Planning programs to ensure you attract and retain top talent by providing industry and role specific salary benchmarking.

The Benefits

Through talent mapping an organisation is able to determine effective strategies for succession planning including internal promotions, likely short and long term hiring needs, training and development needs of existing talent, and identifying talent at target organisations in the marketplace.

It also assists with diversity planning and helps you identify talent internally as wells as identifying talent in the market to meets your diversity needs.

Talent mapping can be used to identify gaps where training or coaching is needed to ensure that when the time arises, your existing talent has already developed the skills and capabilities needed to step up.


The Process

We take the time to go through a detailed briefing process, which includes probing your business objectives, current short-term requirements, and long-term talent strategy.

Our experienced consultant works with this brief using a range of research methodologies.
Comprehensive reports are compiled giving specific in-depth analysis of current talent and knowledge of the talent available.

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Talent Pipelining

Talent Pipelining helps you future proof your business, giving you an advantage over the competition by engaging with the right talent now, thus reducing the time taken to fill a vacancy, and minimising downtime through effective planning and smooth handover.


The Benefits

Talent pipelining enables you to act quickly, accessing a pipeline of top industry talent, minimising the need for reactive recruitment and keeping you as well prepared as possible for unexpected challenges.
Talent pipelining matches your specific key criteria including skills, qualifications, experience, salary expectations, and cultural fit, to develop a passive talent pool available when your business needs it.

Ongoing and thorough activity ensures we can attract and connect you with the best talent when you need it most.


The Process

We work with all key stakeholders to agree criteria and agree a thorough brief.

We research, identify and reach out to the right people, inviting open discussion to probe their key drivers, career aspirations and motivations, and finding out what makes them tick. This way we can get an understanding of how we would attract them to your business.

Through this open and transparent discussion, we create and nurture relationships and actively nurture a constant network of top talent ready to introduce them to your business.

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